Reliable Psychometric Tests

Parents often ask us “What does psychometric testing do?”

“What is psychometric testing?”

Earlier, careers meant either joining your family business or profession. Now the choice of a career is directly linked to your education. Students  choose their education due to many factors such as interests, job location, salary, creativity etc. Before a student takes this important step, the tests help us assess the person on parameters such as their competency, personality framework and personal preferences.

Human nature is dynamic and generic career tests of the past have clearly failed to capture the needs of students.  Our tests are original psychometric tests designed at globally renowned psychological research centres  to understand the student’s innate abilities, personality and interests, in the context of an ever changing job market. Our psychologists have been trained at some of the most well known universities in the world. These tests have helped thousands of students in the past and are updated constantly to meet the requirements of a changing job industry (such as availability of remote working options after Covid-19).

These tests require trained psychologists to interpret the results in order to understand the student’s inner wiring. They assess a range of factors which are unique to every individual such as innate ability, personality, interests, learning abilities and style, skills developed over time etc. Based on the assessment of these tests our trained psychologists can provide accurate counselling and planning to design the best career and academic path for our students. 


Tera Parichay was founded as a premier career counselling service for students and professionals to achieve their dream careers.