Comprehensive Assessment

Career Counselling for Classes 11-12

“There are so many university options. This is confusing”

“Which colleges are best in India for…?”

“What is the best Career Planning strategy for me?”

This is the most important period of a student’s academic and career path. It can create confusion and stress among students and parents while choosing subjects, colleges, entrance tests and preparations, locations, financing etc.

It is daunting to go through this process alone. Our experts at Tera Parichay are well-equipped to handle the needs of students and any queries parents might have. Approach your career in a planned manner with the guidance of educational psychologists and appropriate industry knowledge

Students may falter in choosing a career path because of wrong ideas about the job and little practical experience about how the industry operates. We offer comprehensive planning and guidance during this stage. Our Guidance has been specifically designed keeping in mind a wide range of admissions processes, and the needs and background of Indian students.

Our complete range of guidance for students of Class 11-12 includes:

We have partnered with some of the most well-known Foreign Admissions Counsellors in India to help our students find admissions into top universities throughout the globe


Tera Parichay was founded as a premier career counselling service for students and professionals to achieve their dream careers.