Advanced Assessment

Career Counselling for Classes 9-10

“Which Streams/Subjects should I choose?”

“How do I build my profile for College Admissions?”

“Most People need 4 years to build an excellent profile”

It is never too early to plan a great academic or career path for your children. These are the most crucial years in the development of a student. We provide Aptitude Testing, Interest Testing, Counselling and Guidance Sessions to guide Students and Parents through these crucial years. Our Tests and Counselling sessions help us to develop the best strategy for academic and career excellence.

 In India, students decide their subjects and streams at the end of this period which determines their entire careers. Students often confuse hobby with a career choice, without having appropriate practical knowledge about the industry. This is also the period when students must develop focus in particular extra-curricular and co-curricular activities useful in college and job selection. Our decades of psychological and educational expertise eases the process of identifying and fostering key skills within each of our students for their future.

Our educational psychologists and career counsellors have worked with schools across many boards (CBSE, IB, ICSE etc.) to help students:


Tera Parichay was founded as a premier career counselling service for students and professionals to achieve their dream careers.