Career Track Assessment

Career Counselling for Professionals

“Do you know why most people fail to achieve their dreams?”

“Because they land in the wrong career”

“Is this the right time to change a career?”

The journey to finding the perfect career for oneself doesn’t end in college or your first job. Newly graduated students are unaware about the industry and their suitability to it. Graduates quickly realise this was not the dream career they had been hoping for all their lives.

Guilt, Fear and Insecurity about finding the right  job after an initial blunder often tie down young professionals to a job where they are not happy. They start believing they have to stick to a job just because they previously thought it would be good for them or due to their academic qualifications. These factors generally lead to poor life satisfaction and growth.

At Tera Parichay, we don’t believe it is ever too late to change your career track. If done early and in a planned manner, it can quickly lead to much higher levels of career fulfillment, happiness and growth.

Our career finders and Industry experts can help you with:


Tera Parichay was founded as a premier career counselling service for students and professionals to achieve their dream careers.