Interactive Counselling and Guidance

"What do the scores of the aptitude test mean?"

"How can a Test help me plan my career?"

Tera Parichay uses a 360° approach to interpret the results of the tests. On the basis of the tests and counselling sessions, we empower the students to identify their true calling in life. This is done by weaving together the outcomes of our assessments. The tests and interactions help us to discover and visualise the individual’s interests and innate abilities. Parents and students are involved in every step of the way as they have a very active role in the planning and execution process. We help you understand the test results, provide key insights into the job industry and work together to create a program which best fits the needs of the student.

It is our philosophy to make this experience unique for every student-parent who approach us.  We recognise the uniqueness of the skills and backgrounds every student comes from.  We don’t make students simply tick boxes for the sake of admissions. For instance, we would never ask an art student to play football or a student who loves history to do physics, to increase their chances of university admissions. Rather, we empower each of our students to chart out their unique paths.


Tera Parichay was founded as a premier career counselling service for students and professionals to achieve their dream careers.