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  • Guidance and planning to find the best Courses, Educational Institutions and Career Path.

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  • t’s never too late to find the perfect career path. Find a job which makes you flourish

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We have had perhaps the best experience of getting our children counselled for their career with the psychologist at Tera Parichay. She was not only incredibly knowledgeable and helpful but also ethical. While we had tried services of other "career counsellors", we found that for them it was just another business, they weren't qualified for it, they had not studied for the field. Upon meeting the psychologist at Tera Parichay, we immediately knew she was honest in her work. She gave us all the satisfaction we were seeking for being confident about both our children's career paths, and she is always the first recommendation we give to anybody seeking the same.

Priti Varma Sarin

My wife, the Director of Tera Parichay, in 2011 did my psychometric assessments. We used to work together those day. What was supposed to be a fun and a casual interaction ended up being life changing for me. Whilst I was trying to establish myself in the field of marketing & sales of educational services, she revealed to me that I was actually cut out for the legal field. This struck chords with me. What she went on to explain actually made tremendous sense since all that she revealed was true of me and I sensed a deep sense of comfort with the kind of work a lawyer does. Not to mention, she mentioned criminal law!! And here I am, 10 years down the lane, a qualified, practising criminal and civil advocate. I truly believe that if she could make me reckon my strengths and my future, she truly can for you or your child too!!


My experience with counsellors at Tera Parichay, has been absolutely phenomenal. During the final years of my schooling, life had a lot of tough decision thrown my way, with respect to making big career choices. For a 16-year-old student, making these decisions, while having the pressure of excelling in my board examination was extremely stressful and overwhelming. ​However, through adequate guidance from the counsellors at Tera Parichay, this journey did not seem as tough or as overwhelming. I was made to be more mindful of my own emotions and needs, and to accept and work with them in a thoughtful manner. With a lot of patience, kindness and a non-judgmental attitude, I was made to believe in my own abilities, and made stronger to combat problems that earlier seemed stressful. Not only are the counsellors great listeners, but also very hands on in terms of providing resources and references to my relevant problem areas. Over time, I am a much happier, and emotionally healed version of myself, and the credit of it goes to the counsellors at Tera Parichay. I would not hesitate to recommend Tera Parichey to anyone.

Kavya Sethi

I appreciate the psychologist at Tera Parichay for taking out the time to speak and interact with my children .I want to thank her for the extensive counselling which was given them to choose their subject in 11th . Not only subject but after school courses too . The advice and guidance provided have helped us all a lot.

Navjyot Kaur

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In terms of online career guidance and career counseling for school students and recent graduates, Tera Parichay is the most advanced website in India. Our five-dimensional career assessment, career counseling, and career guidance procedures help you discover your perfect career with Tera Parichay. Put your career in the hands of Tera Parichay today!

    Guidance, advice, and support are provided to students in the process of selecting the right career path after they have completed their tenth grade education. The right kind of career support to resolve career confusion and indecision is essential, regardless of where you are in your career. Tera Parichay Career Counselors help you explore different career options and colleges, and help you decide what path to pursue.

    This test is designed to determine which careers might be right for you based on your unique set of strengths, skills, aptitudes, and interests. In the career report itself, you will find detailed career development plans and expert advice, so you can take the first step in achieving your career goals.

    Career guidance extends the benefits of career assessments and career counseling. During this process, a career guide assists you in your career development and success. With the guidance of an experienced coach or mentor, your career development efforts can find the right direction. At Tera Parichay Career Counselling, we create customized career action plans and road maps, guide you back to the right path, give you personalized 24×7 support, and support you at every step along the way. A program like this can definitely help you in your career!

    We provide career guidance to students and graduates from all over India. When it comes to career counselling in Delhi, we provide face-to-face sessions, while we also offer online sessions (through video chat/telephone) to the rest of India. Assuredly, we provide the same level of customer service online as well as offline.

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